Friday, October 10, 2008

Fort Bragg, California

We spent today meandering the Fort Bragg town and area, and had a wonderful time in the quaint, costal town. We strolled along Main Street and Franklin street, as well as the side streets connecting the two. There are many fine shops, not ticky-tacky tourist stuff often seen in coastal towns. The restaurants are numerous – also of the same high quality as the shops. One fun place we stopped was the Triangle Tattoo Museum. This is a tattoo museum with photos and stories of tattooing over the ages, around the world. One poignant area was the “Tattoos without Consent” area which highlighted those who were forced to be tattooed, such as was done to the Jews in the Holocaust. The Triangle Tattoo Museum also has a tattoo parlor, where you can get tattooed. (No, Mom, we didn’t get tattoos.)

We happened upon our lunch place as we noticed it packed with locals – we even saw our waitress from the night before! Laurel Deli and Desserts was excellent! Suzanne had their homemade soup and salad with homemade dressing; Brad had their pastrami sandwich with homemade pasta salad – all was wonderful and very nicely priced!

It was getting late, and quite windy again, but we had time for one beach stop – Glass Beach. Until 1967, people of Fort Bragg dumped garbage on the beach and allowed it to wash out to sea. (This is not the only place that disposed of garbage this way.) Then in 1967, this ended and the beach was cleaned-up, however not all could be cleaned away, and the glass kept washing ashore. Today, it’s a beach of pieces of tumbled glass – white, green, purple, red, brown blue- that you can walk on barefoot. It’s a bit tricky to get here – take Elm (by the Denny’s) towards the beach and park at the end of the road. Walk towards the ocean along the gravel road, and take a left at the first “No Trespassing” sign. Continue past the second “No Trespassing” sign, and you’ll see the beach below – now just scramble down the cliff, and there you are!

After meandering Fort Bragg today, browsing a variety of stores and meeting many people, we continually notice how nice the people of Fort Bragg are – every store owner was welcoming and cheerful, the tattoo artist at Triangle Tattoo was chatty and friendly, and the waitress at Laurel Deli and Dessert was helpful, sociable, and warm.


Anonymous said...

I like that you have to go past all the no trespassing signs. So did you snag any cool glass? According to a recent National Geographic, red "sea glass" is the most rare.


Suzanne and Brad said...

No, although we're willing to trespass, we also leave nature (or garbage, in this case) for others. =) Didn't pick up any glass, but perhaps, had we known about the rarity of the red sea glass............ ;-)

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