Sunday, October 28, 2018

New York City ~ Day 4

We definitely needed (yes: needed) to get some authentic New York bagels, so off to Zucker’s this morning where they have hand-rolled, boiled bagels.  The bagels were good, but their cream cheese was amazing!  We then decided to walk the Brooklyn Bridge – and it was cold! (We tried to walk it on Day 2, but it was later in the afternoon and was packed! Going back to the whole idea that we don’t like to be in mobs, we decided to go early in the morning. Success!) So we walked to Brooklyn, then back again. (1.3 miles each way, in case you’re curious.)

We meandered our way past the Washington Square Arch.......

And then decided that we were in need of some Italian desserts, so off we went to Pasticceria Rocco and had THE BEST CHEESECAKE EVER!!!!!!! 

Let me repeat – WE HAD THE BEST CHEESECAKE EVER!!!!!!!   

We also had an awesome cannoli as well! Again – Suzanne could barely get a picture before Brad was digging in!

We walked by Kleinfeld’s Bridal (“Say Yes to the Dress”), but they wouldn’t let us in. :-)

And then……we went to a matinee of Kinky Boots! We had absolutely no plans to see a Broadway Show while in NYC, but were quickly getting through our “Tier 1” list and though, why not?  So we got some discounted tickets on Saturday for the Sunday matinee and it was AMAZING!! Everyone we know who has seen the musical and loved it, and now we are one of them. Again - AMAZING!!

(Here's the pic Suzanne wasn't supposed to take........."No photos, blah blah blah........".)

We had Italian food for dinner that night – Trattoria Daniela, in the Hell’s Kitchen area – and it was great! 

We walked back to the hotel via Times Square (we wanted to see it at night). Interesting – police with machine guns were patrolling……

Onto Day 5!

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