Sunday, October 28, 2018

New York City ~ Day 1

We spent five days in New York City and had a great time! We walked a ton, ate a ton, and saw a ton.

Day 1 ~ We arrived at about 6am to the JFK airport. After some, “How do we take Airtrain?” and “Which subway goes where?” questions, we were on our way to our hotel in the Chelsea Neighborhood

Our first stop was the Empire State Building, about a five minute walk from our hotel. We got there about 8:15am on a Thursday morning and there were NO LINES!!  We spent about an hour there, and by the time we were leaving, the lines were definitely starting to form. By the way – no need to spend the extra money ($20!) to go to the 102nd floor – the view was no different than the 86th floor. 

We then walked to see Grand Central Terminal, which was pretty spectacular given that it’s a train station and grabbed a bite to eat. We checked out the NYC Public Library – a very cool building with lots of architecture inside and outside, then ended up checking out Times Square as well.

Here was Suzanne’s favorite sign – move people, move!!

We continued walking past Rockefeller Center (where they were setting up for some ESPN show), saw the ice rink and all that,  and then made our way to the New YorkTimes Building just so Suzanne could work on her NYT crossword while being so close to the source. 

We continued to walk – past the Flatiron Building

Then stopped at the Fashion Institute of Technology Museum, which Suzanne liked – however Brad waited outside. Dinner was at Eisenberg’s Sandwich Shop (disappointing), then we continued walking along the High Line. We tried to find the Thursday night Chelsea Art Walk, but it was a bust – every gallery we passed had a sign that they were closed for installation. 

After taking the Red Eye and walking all day (wonder how far we walked....), we fell asleep about 8pm that night!

Onto Day 2!

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