Friday, August 25, 2017

Backpacking Goat Rocks, Washington ~ Day 3

Day 3 ~ continue along Goat Ridge Trail

Mt, Rainier. Keeping count? That's three awesome mountains!

Last bit of Goat Ridge Trail

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Backpacking Goat Rocks, Washington ~ Day 2

Day 2 ~ Lily Basin Trail

Wildflower pic #??? ;-)

More hiking through the wildflowers!

Mt, Adams in the distance.

Goats at Goat Lake!

Just eating and chilling.

Goat Lake

Still Mt. Adams

So pretty!!

Cool fog picture

Close up!

Goat Ridge Trail

Campsite for Night #2!

Water source!

Brad (AKA Labor) getting the water.

Cool cloud formation.

Home Sweet Home!

Mt. St. Helens

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Backpacking Goat Rocks, Washington ~ Day 1 continued

We took a short stroll the afternoon we arrived......

Hurry and tie your shoe, Brad! The trail awaits!

We saw meadows upon meadows of wildflowers.

Trail towards Old Snowy Mtn.

Still a bit of snow in some places.

Yup, still Mt, Adams.

PCT (#2000)

Hiking through shale.

Goat Lake ~ our destination tomorrow.

Back at camp, time to dig a couple cat holes. Not the best part of backpacking, for sure.

Mt. Adams as the sun sets.

Backpacking Goat Rocks, Washington ~ Day 1

Registering for our backcountry adventure!

Snowgrass Trail

Wildflower pics!

Close-up of Mt. Adams

Mt. Adams

Continuing along Snowgrass Trail

Meadow of beargrass

Old Snowy Mountain

Water source for Night #1

More wildflowers!

Camp chairs are lovely! Worth their weight!!

Camp Night #1

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