Sunday, December 11, 2011

Manhattan in the Desert, Palm Springs, CA

Have you ever walked into a room or someplace and felt like you were "home?" Well for Suzanne, this restaurant was it. Growing up on the east coast, Suzanne remembers going to the bakery and getting one small cookie after her mother would purchase desserts for a special dinner. And NY style delis.......the best have those HUGE sandwiches overflowing with the “insides.” One word, friends, YUM!

The menu was tremendous with all the eats one expects from an east coast deli – it was, in fact, overwhelming.  We started with Matzo Ball soup – it was basic, perhaps even a bit bland. But that was okay…… because we were still a bit high on the entire experience.  Suzanne ordered turkey on rye and Brad pastrami on rye. Note in the picture the size of the sandwich compared to Brad’s hand.  Oh yeah!  Here’s what the lunch conversation sounded like:

Yes, that’s right – nothing! We were eating and loving every minute of it.  The after-lunch conversation was basically discussing when we’d come back – and – if in fact this really replicates a NY deli, if we ordered bagels & cream cheese – would the “right” amount of cream cheese be placed on the bagel (i.e. not a little bit, less than 1/8” high, but a decent, cream-cheese-loving amount, at least ¼” high)? We will find out.

After paying our bill, we each purchased a small dessert – Brad a cinnamon rugula and Suzanne small sprinkled sugar cookie , just like the ones she ordered as a little girl. Sigh……

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