Thursday, November 10, 2011

White Domes Loop Trail, Valley of Fire State Park, Nevada

This was the first hike we did on Day 2 of our visit to the Valley of Fire State Park.  The trailhead starts at the very end of White Domes Road, in and of itself a beautiful, picturesque drive. This was definitely our favorite hike, albeit short, at one mile round trip.

After passing an open area, the coolest part (for us) of the hike was a short jaunt through a slot canyon – where one walks in a narrow passageway and the canyon walls are straight and vertical. Just past this small slot canyon is an off-shoot trail called Prospect Trail.  This is a 5.5 mile one way trail through open desert.  Since we’re not desert-loving hikers, we passed on this after a short jaunt to check it out.

After the slot canyon, the hike opens-up again and ends along the road by the parking area. If you have time to do only one hike while in Valley of Fire State Park, then this is the one to do, in our opinion.

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