Sunday, November 6, 2011

Valley of Fire State Park, Nevada

We heard a lot of this state park and the magnificent scenery, and we were not disappointed. Today’s post will be about the area, tomorrow’s about the campgrounds, then onto some of the many hikes we enjoyed. To sum up our experience – great! Definitely something to add to your travel list when in the area (a great day trip from Las Vegas, for sure)!

The Valley of Fire is so named due to the red sandstone formations when dinosaurs roamed the planet. Since then (about 150 million years ago), extensive erosion has resulted in what we enjoy today. The Basket Maker people and (later) the Anasazi Pueblo farmers enjoyed this area as well, although it is doubtful that they lived here, due to the lack of constant water. Most likely, the Native Americans that enjoyed this area came for short times, to hunt, gather food, and partake in religious ceremonies.

Spring and fall are the best times to visit Valley of Fire State Park, as temperatures can reach 120 degrees Fahrenheit in summer and zero in winter. The Visitor Center is open 8:30-4:30 daily and has a nice museum detailed the flora and fauna of the area. We happened to see a rare sight – a big horn sheep! He seemed to make Atlatl Campground his home, as we (and other campers) saw him numerous times in the morning.

There is a $10 daily entrance fee – not inexpensive. However, if you camp at the Valley of Fire, the daily $10 entrance fee is applied to your camping fee.


Jerry and Suzy said...

That is definitely on our must see list. It was a possible for this past season, but our return trip got delayed by a couple of weeks, so it would have taken us too far off our route for too long. Another year!

Suzanne and Brad said...

Isn't that the great thing about RVing - we wanted to go a couple years ago, couldn't make it, then had the opportunity this time! :-)

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