Saturday, October 22, 2011

Charleston Peak RV Resort & Winery, Pahrump, Nevada

First things first ~ look at the new roof! She’s a beauty! :-)

Now look at the sky – clear & blue – ahhhh!!!

Okay, onto the RV resort ~ Charleston Peak RV Resort & Winery is a very nice park and we’re staying here for nearly two weeks under RPI. The park is clean, sites are long, graveled, and each site has a concrete pad to use as a patio. There are lots of activities, the staff and RV’ers are a friendly bunch, there’s a swimming pool & hot tub, clubhouse with the typical book exchange, games & puzzles, horseshoes, RV wash, small dog area, the usual. But what makes this RV park unique, is that it’s also part of Nevada’s only winery ~ complete with vineyards, a tasting room, and restaurant. We haven’t been yet, but be sure to check back on our report of the winery ~ eating and drinking are right up our alley!


Jerry and Suzy said...

Yeah, but we didn't get to see the new roof!

Suzanne and Brad said...

Hi Guys! Nice to hear from you! Nope, you can't see the new roof from the picture since one isn't supposed to see a roof - it should just lie there, nice and sealed to the decking. :-)

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