Tuesday, September 13, 2011

St.Vincent's Hospital, Portland, Oregon

So we’re jokingly calling this “St. V’s RV”(it rhymes) as the hospital has 8 RV sites, each with water and 50-amp electric.  It’s first come/first served, and free.  All you do is find your spot, go to the Information Desk to let them know you’re here, and get a permit. Tape it to your rig, and you’re all set.  Why are we here, you may be wondering. Well, the “personal business” we needed to take care of when we stayed at the RV Park of Portland (really in Tualatin) was surgery for Suzanne – major, but not life threatening.  This also explains why we’ve been laying pretty low for us – no hiking, biking, etc.. – and the lack of blog posts - as Suzanne needs to just hang out and recover. After a few days here for some post-operative appointments, we’ll head to the Oregon coast to hang out, continue recovery, hopefully get back to some excitement beyond sleeping, reading and eating, then we’ll be back at “St. V’s RV” in a month for another post-op appointment. Then, as planned, we’ll head on down south where the sun will be shining!

Gotta say – it’s great that hospitals offer RV spaces for patients and visiting families (there is even access to free hot showers inside the hospital). We’ve known people to use these before, never thought we’d be one of them (certainly at least not yet), but it’s nice to have one less thing to think about when health issues arise.

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