Friday, September 23, 2011

Rogue Brewery, Newport, Oregon

 One does get hungry (and thirsty) when meandering a town, so off we went to the Rogue Brewery.  Don’t get us wrong, this isn’t some quaint little place in the idle of nowhere, it’s a chain and we’ve been to the one in our home town many times, but as Brad stated, “This is the mother ship.”

If you go to the brewery, here’s the most important piece of information – go sit at the bar. Why? Because they come to your table with a small dram of beer for each person – just a sample, to wet your whistle! Now if you’re lucky like Brad, who has a wife who doesn’t like beer, then you get both samples! 

The food was very good and the beer (ice tea in Suzanne’s case) equally as good. The location can’t be beat, and the service was friendly and great. There are tours of the brewery if you’d like, and you do need to walk through the facilities to get to the restaurant and bar, so you’ll get a mini self-guided tour just by doing that alone.

Bottoms up!

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