Thursday, August 18, 2011

Purple Haze Lavender Farm, Sequim, Washington

Sequim is known for it’s wonderful lavender and plethora of lavender farms, so we chose to stop by one today ~ Purple Haze Lavender Farm. Although late in the season, the lavender was in full bloom and we meandered around the rows of lavender. They have more than 15,000 plants with more than 50 varieties of organic lavender – who knew there were so many varieties! You can purchase lavender plats, buy cut lavender, or go to the field and enjoy cutting some of your own. There’s also a small gift store with lavender soaps, lotions, oils, honey, salad dressings, sachets ~ you get the idea – if it can be made from lavender, it was sold at their store. If course we had to try some lavender ice cream – we were hoping it would be a vanilla base with a strong lavender taste, but all they had were mixtures, such as peppermint & lavender and white chocolate with lavender (our selection). It was good, but not so fabulous that we went back for more. There are many other lavender farms in the area, so if you’re in Sequim some day, be sure to check out one or two.

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Jerry and Suzy said...

We enjoy lavender, and we enjoy visiting places like that! At a recent Farmers Market in Carson City, a couple of ladies were offering their own lavender products for sale, as well as potted lavender plants. We bought one plant to take back to Arizona. That may or may not be one of our dumber purchases, as lavender, even though it survives with little water, does have to have SOME water in the hotter season -- when we expect to be far away.

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