Friday, July 8, 2011

Exciting News!!!!

Hi Friends!

Has it been a long time since we’ve posted? Well yes it has! Our apologies. But we’re back again and with good news………….

............we are going back on the road next month and becoming fulltimers!

We’ve very much enjoyed our 2+ years at our brick-and-mortar house, and being “home” has afforded us a lot of opportunities that would not have come our way had we been on the road during this time (going to The Oprah Winfrey Show, adopting Zoey our awesome dog, backpacking through the Grand Canyon, among other things……). But it is time to hit the road, as they say, as new adventures await us.

If you followed our travels or met us back in 2008/2009, you may recall that we were trying the fulltime lifestyle – see what worked, what didn’t work, etc…..So we’ve made some changes (i.e. new rig - photo coming soon, different Internet connection – Verizon, not HughesNet like last time, plans to workamp/volunteer, etc…) to make the fulltiming lifestyle work better for us.

As we spend the next few weeks packin’ & purgin’, we will post to this blog, so please stop-by and see what’s going on around here. We plan to spend the first month in the Olympic Peninsula of Washington State and will, once again, post about our travels, great restaurants along the way, things to do, etc….. Zoey (the dog) will also be keeping a blog of her experiences being a fulltime dog, so check it out at – we’re sure she’d appreciate the it!

With this, we wish you happy travels & look forward to seeing many of you down the road.

~Suzanne & Brad

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