Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Grand Canyon rim-to-rim backpacking trip ~ Quotes Heard Along the Trail, Grand Canyon, Arizona

We met a lot of people on our rim-to-rim hike, had some great conversations, and heard some interesting comments along the way. Here are some of our favorite comments/quotes:

A woman Suzanne met on the shuttle while waiting for the restroom – this woman was part of a group of 16 senior citizens from Chandler, Arizona who were in a hiking club: “I hiked rim-to-rim 20 years ago when I was 45. I want to do it again while I still can.”

A woman on our shuttle van to the North Rim – she lives in Phoenix year-round: “I don’t go food shopping in 108 degree heat, not sure why the hell I’m hiking in it!”

The group of friends who stayed with the woman needing a helicopter rescue – this was one man’s reply when asked how it was decided who should stay back with the woman (they were also from the group from Chandler): "Some people take care of their friends; some people only take care of themselves.”

As we were hiking out on Day 3, Brad looked back on the trail and with more expression and intensity than Suzanne’s ever heard: “We came all the F*** the way from there!”

We were in the last ¼ mile of the hike, could see the end, we were hot, tired, and hungry – moving a bit slow, but steady. It was a very populated area of the trail, and we must of looked pretty ragged, because two woman looked at us, stopped, one looked at the other and said: “Oh, Sister, I’m scared now. I don’t want to go any further – look at these two.” We burst out laughing and reassured them that we didn’t look like this from a ½ mile hike!

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