Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A recap of The Atlantis, Paradise Island, Bahamas

Some final thoughts of out stay at The Atlantis…….

• Some of the staff were fabulous, some weren’t. Same everywhere, we know, but at the prices we paid for everything, we expected to be treated extremely well all the time.

• We felt a bit nickeled-and-dimed a bit. Again, for the cost the stay (and do anything) at The Atlantis, guests still have to pay to use the fitness center ($15/day) and internet ($15/day). There is a library that provided 15-minutes per person per day Internet use, and it is open 9am-6pm everyday.

• Free movies were offered everyday in their (very nice) theater, and these were first-run movies.

• There is a ton to do for families with children of all ages, from toddlers to teens.

• Housekeeping was questionable – we had three lights out in our room, they forgot to finish making the bed, we were left with no tissues, and (women, you’ll understand) the toilet paper was terrible – again, not to repeat again, but for what we paid, we’d expect much nice tp!

• There was a “be blue” goal (i.e. reuse towels, not have them washed everyday – stuff like that), but the USA today was wrapped in a plastic bag everyday (why? It didn’t rain in the halls…..) – seemed quite contradictory.

• So the final question – would we go again? No. We had a good time, glad we went, but once was enough – there wasn’t enough to do for us.

• Okay, the real final question – do we recommend you go? Perhaps, it all depends what you want out of your next vacation.

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