Monday, May 17, 2010

Neskowin Beach State Recreation Site, Neskowin, Oregon

The picture says it all ~ our big announcement ~ meet Zoey! She our new addition (well, actually last January) and this was her first foray (to our knowledge) to the Oregon Coast! We adopted Zoey form the Oregon Humane Society - our wonderful animal shelter where we have been volunteering since 2001 (after adopting our first dog, Mickey). Zoey’s about 5 years old (best guess), intelligent (smarter than us, in fact) and sweet, sweet, sweet. She loves to ride in the car (good thing for a future full-timing dog) and is friendly to all – human and dog. So back to the trip……….

One of the things we especially like about Neskowin Creek RV Resort is the close proximity to the Oregon Coast. You can walk through a charming neighborhood to the coast, or drive just about ½ mile north on 101 and go to the Neskowin Beach State Recreation Site (free), park and walk a bit to the water. Now it’s not the biggest beach along the coast, but it’s beautiful, somewhat sheltered from the wind, and has a portion of the Nestucca River flowing into the ocean, thus some fresh water to play, whether child or dog.

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