Saturday, May 1, 2010

Dining in The Bahamas, Paradise Island, Bahamas

We thought it would be fun and interesting to eat “off-site” of The Atlantis a couple times (remember Anthony’s) and we went out twice for dinner – once to Luciano’s of Chicago and once to The Poop Deck.

Quite honestly, Lucianao’s wasn’t a good choice – why we thought an Italian restaurant based out of Chicago would be the place to eat in the Bahamas, we don’t know. Probably because it was our first night on the island, we had left 11pm PST the night before, were jet lagged, and wanted something familiar, thus Italian food. You have to take a taxi from The Atlantis to Luciano’s which costs about $11 (plus tip) both ways, so in retrospect we realized that negated any cost savings from eating at The Atlantis. The food – okay. The service - okay. The view of the water and The Atlantis – fabulous! In fact, the photo we posted a couple days ago (click here) is from the patio of Luciano’s restaurant.

Probably the best meal we ate the entire time in The Bahamas was at The Poop Deck – a local restaurant walk-able from The Atlantis (cross the bridge, take your first left, walk about 1/4 mile, on the left, a yellow building, is The Poop Deck). We did walk there, but as it was dark, we took the ‘ole $11 taxi home. The Poop Deck had a happy hour, which we arrived at the tail-end of, but seemed to be a favorite of the locals. The restaurant’s main fare is seafood, and Brad had some wonderful fish. Suzanne, keeping to pasta as usual, had a great chicken alfredo that was better than the Italain food of Luciano’s. The staff was nice, the prices more reasonable (of course, we’re talking island prices), and we highly recommend going here if you’re in Paradise Island or Nassua. One note – to save the taxi fare, you might want to go for lunch so you’ll feel better about walking both ways (wheelchair accessible).

One additional note about eating off-site of The Atlantis ~ most restaurants on the island do not open for dinner until 6pm. We found this on our first, jet-lagged night when we wanted to go to dinner at 5pm and the bellhop laughed when we asked for a taxi! (We napped in the lobby ‘til 6pm, then went to eat!)

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