Friday, April 30, 2010

Lunches & Breakfasts at The Atlantis, Paradise Island, Bahamas

Lunches and breakfasts were a bit more low key at The Atlantis, although not incredibly inexpensive. For most breakfasts, if we didn’t have leftovers from the night before (we love leftovers!) we either grabbed something in the lobby of Beach Tower (there are small grab-and-go areas in the Towers, with items like cold cereals, fruit, rolls, bagels, Danish, teas and coffees) or grabbed the same at Starbucks (located at The Reef). We did, twice, eat breakfast at Anthony’s, a restaurant found in the Paradise Shopping Village, just outside The Atlantis property (more on the shopping village later), where we were able to get a hot breakfast of eggs, French toast, etc… Anthony’s also serves lunch and dinner, and is a nice option if you want to pay a bit less, and not have to make reservations for dinner. (We ate early enough, when it was just Suzanne & Brad, to not need reservations for dinner, but when Suzanne’s family came to join us, we needed reservations for all meals.)

Lunches, for the most part, were quick bites poolside, at one of the many eateries found along the many pools at The Atlantis. Basically, they all had the same fare – burgers, hot dogs, chicken sandwiches, French fries, sodas, a salad or two, and ice cream. There were plenty of tables to grab, and it was a quick way to grab a bite without having to stay out of the fun for too long! The couple restaurants we tried for lunch were Bimini Road (where we also had dinner) and Murray’s Delicatessen, which is a New York-style restaurant with sandwiches, soups, etc… This was pretty good, and the sandwiches were large enough to split.

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