Thursday, April 29, 2010

Dining at The Atlantis, Paradise Island, Bahamas

You know we love to eat, so let’s start our overview of The Atlantis on Paradise Island, Bahamas with the restaurants we went to during our stay……..

Chop Stix – We ate here our second night on the island, as we were in the mood for Chinese food. Overall, we were not impressed. Although the portions of food were large (in fact, we split an entrée and each had Won Ton soup to start), the service was mediocre (Could it be that the 15% tip was already included????? Actually, this was the case in all restaurants, even those without wait-service.) and the food was just okay. We weren’t impressed at all.

The Point Restaurant & Bar ~ We ate here on our 4th night and enjoyed the staff, food, and view immensely. The Point is not in the main Atlantis area – rather a bit of a walk (wheelchair accessible) to the Harborside area, across the marina. You can sit indoors or outdoors (we chose out) and a band played while we watched the ships pass-by in the ocean. The food is grill/bar food – salads, pizzas, burgers, the such, and we split a marguerita pizza and salad. In fact, we had enough for leftovers! This was one of our favorite restaurants – on the less expensive side (of course, that’s relative since this was The Bahamas), a relaxed atmosphere, and probably some of the nicest waitstaff we encountered the entire time.

Bimini Road ~ We ate here twice – once for lunch upon on arrival to The Atlantis and then for dinner on the 5th night. It’s a casual restaurant, a bit loud, but with great red snapper (according to Brad). Bimini Road is located in the marina, so it offers a great location to wander and look at the incredible yachts that anchor in the marina.

Carmine’s ~ Also found in the marina area, Carmine’s is Italian, served family style with HUGE portions (one meal could easily feed 4-5 people). We were with Suzanne’s family (a group of 6 adults and 2 teenagers) and had plenty of leftovers (seriously, we ate four more meals with the leftovers and still didn’t finish them) with three entrees, salad, and garlic bread. You must make reservations for Carmine’s, and if you do get to The Atlantis sometime, be sure to eat here at least once.

Nobu ~ This is one of the premier restaurants at The Atlantis, but not our favorite. Nobu is a sushi/fish restaurant, so there is a very limited selection if one isn’t into sushi (i.e. Suzanne & Brad). We were able to find a couple chicken dishes, as well as a couple vegetable and tofu appetizers, but we weren’t impressed. That being said, however, this is a sushi place and may actually be great and we just didn’t order the right things. Regardless of the food, can you say expensive? Wow!

Casa D’Angelo ~ Another Italian restaurant (to make up for the sushi night), this one is located between Beach and Coral Towers. The staff was very nice, albeit it was slow service. The food was excellent, and we loved the complementary appetizers of bruschetta with tomatoes and parmesan – yum! This was incredibly expensive, though, and we were glad we weren’t the one’s footing the bill (thanks R&R!)

A review of our lunches & breakfasts in our next post................

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