Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Cranky Sue's of Cannon Beach. Oregon

Well, you know we like to eat, and one of the places we always go to when we're in Cannon Beach is to go to Cranky Sue's for some great crab cakes! We happened upon Cranky Sue's a few years ago, and now many more people have found it (not difficult to do since you pass it driving into town). There is small restaurant with both inside-seating and outside (dog-friendly) seating. Now, just like most coastal restaurants, it's not an inexpensive place, but if you like crab cakes, then this is the place for you ~ enjoy!

(Remember ~ if you like crab and are a bit further down (south) the coast, go to the Riverhouse Restaurant)

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Jerry and Suzy said...

One of us (Jerry) is not interested in crab cakes, but the other one (Suzy) likes 'em. Cranky Sue probably also has something for both of us. Hope to get back to Cannon Beach someday, even though our honeymoon cabin there no longer exists.

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