Sunday, October 4, 2009

Abraham Lincoln Presidential LIbrary & Museum ~ and~ Lincoln Tomb SHS, Springfield, Illinois

One of the extra benefits of heading to Chicago for a few days, to catch an Oprah Winfrey show taping (or two), was the opportunity to visit Brad’s brother Brian, who lives outside of Springfield, Illinois, about 4 hours south of Chicago. While visiting Brian and his family, we went to the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library & Museum and to the Lincoln Tomb State Historic Site.

The Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library & Museum contained a changing gallery of Illinois history (currently agriculture in Illinois over the last couple of centuries), a replica of the Kentucky home where President Lincoln grew-up, a replica of the White House during Lincoln’s time, and some original artifacts from President Lincoln himself. In the White House replica, there is a fascinating 4-minute video showing how the lines of “free” vs. “slave” states changed over the civil war, as well as dioramas of the signing of the Emancipation Proclamation and his assassination.

In addition, there were some artifacts from The President himself – including one of the three hats he wore, as well as gloves he had on him the day he was assassinated ~

The Lincoln Tomb State Historic Site was unfortunately closed when we were there (Monday), but was nonetheless a fascinating place to wander around, and had we the time, we would have gone back to go inside – Brad’s brother Brian said it was fascinating.

One thing we did do when we were at the tomb – rubbed President Lincoln nose – seems as if it brings luck to those that do so. As you can see by the picture, it’s a popular superstition!


Jerry and Suzy said...

Wow, thanks for taking us with you to see Mr. Lincoln! We have never visited a presidential library, although two were on our must-do lists while we were in the area. For the Clinton Library, we got diverted by a family wedding in Idaho, and for Reagan's library, a threatening Santa Ana wind was coming, so we hightailed it across country ahead of it. There's still time to see some of them ourselves, and we enjoy visiting through others' blogs.

Suzanne and Brad said...

This was our first presidential library & it was very enjoyable & educational. I think we'll add those to our lists as we continue our travels...........some day......... :-)

Happy Travels!

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