Wednesday, September 16, 2009

We're Going to Oprah!!!! Chicago, Illinois Part 2

So how do you get tickets to Oprah?

First, you have to be a member of her website at

Then you need to go to the audience reservation page: where about half-way down the page is information about current availability. Most of the time, the reservation window is closed, but for about 48 hours each month during the taping schedule (September - May), the window opens and you need to go in and request tickets for the show(s) you can attend. Oprah generally tapes two shows per day Tuesday - Thursday, and Suzanne requested about a dozen shows. About 24 hours after the window closes, you'll get an email stating either "Sorry, not this time." (which we've gotten) or "Great News!" (which we've also gotten) with information about confirming your reservation. You have a limited time to confirm, and once you do that, you are a ticket holder to an Oprah show! (You don't actually get a ticket, but your name, and any guests, will be on a list when you arrive at Harpo Studios.) Also, you do not know who/what you'll be seeing until you get to the studio, and there's always the chance of a cancellation (which would be a major bummer).

So we never expected to actually get tickets, and this was a great surprise...............we'll share more as the experience unfolds ~ check back soon ~ and keep your fingers crossed for David Beckham - or - Matt Damon - or - Brad Pitt!

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