Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Great Restaurants of Chicago, Illinois

Well, if you’ve been following our camping and travels much, you know we love to eat – and we found out that Chicago is a great place for good food! We went to three places of note while in Chicago:

Wolfgang Puck Express in O’Hare Airport ~ We were starving after flying into Chicago, and happened upon this restaurant in the O’Hare International Airport. Suzanne had actually heard of it and heard it was good, and we were hungry, so off we went. We both ordered individual pizzas and both were very good. Now, they weren’t the greatest pizza we would have in Chicago (that’s coming up), but it was good.

Giordano’s on Rush Street ~ We wanted to get some of that famous Chicago deep-dish pizza, and this was the place recommended by Brad’s brother Brian (say that 3 times fast) and it happened to be a few blocks from our hotel in Chicago (The Embassy Suites Chicago Downtown). It was “Oprah Eve,” and we luckily got there a bit early, since each deep dish pizza takes 35 minutes to make, and this is a very crowded place. We ordered a salad to hold us over and ordered a fabulous pizza (pictured above) that we could barely finish and ate for breakfast the following morning and still left some uneaten! Now one fun thing that happened was that we were carded when we ordered some wine (the waitress told us that it’s a rule in Illinois, to card everyone) – Brad had his wallet, but Suzanne, who is notorious for never bringing a purse or her wallet, did not have hers. Suzanne was feeling pretty good, you know, about still looking 21 (yeah, right!), but still begged the waitress to bring her the wine. After “checking with the manager”, Suzanne got her drink! Tip: check out their website – when we were looking for directions, we noticed coupons – we printed one and saved $5 on our dinner!

Rosebud on Rush ~ As we walked back to our hotel after stuffing ourselves with the deep-fish pizza from Giordano’s, we passed by some very happy people enjoying some great looking Italian food – and we knew this was where we would eat dinner the next day, also known as “Oprah Day!” Now, not inexpensive by any means, but we sat outside on the corner watching people drive/walk/bike by, enjoyed a leisurely drink before dinner (where, come to think of it, we were not carded…..hmmm….must have aged a bit in the past 24 hours), accompanied by some incredible bread with olive oil and parmesan cheese, ate a great meal (Chicken Bracciola for Brad, Cheese Ravioli for Suzanne) and shared a huge dessert which stuffed us even more. All the while, we chatted with the women seated next to us who had also gone to Oprah that day, enjoyed not being rushed to leave our table (we were there for a couple hours – very unusual for us), and had a great last evening in Chicago (and again lamenting how full we were as we ambled back to the hotel).

One word: YUMMY!

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Jerry and Suzy said...

We do love good Italian food, but it isn't easy to find in beautiful Benson, AZ. The local pizza house makes a good chicken Alfredo, and they even deliver it!

Our newest place, Gracie's Station does a great chicken piccata, but they are too pricey to visit more than once or twice a year.

Sounds like you have had your fill of Italian for a while! Yes, yummy!

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