Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Shopping Opportunities in Sedona, Arizona

The town of Sedona has a lot of interesting shopping opportunities ~ we meandered around the streets one day, enjoying the unique shops (such as Buck Thornton’s World of Jerky), the many t-shirt shops where t-shirts are colored using the Sedona dirt (Brad got one), lots of restaurants (see yesterday’s post), beautiful art galleries, the typical touristy shops (we did get Alien ID cards), and more. Although there are a lot of smaller areas in which to shop, you can walk along the Main Street in “Uptown” (89A) as well as a higher-end Tlaquepague Arts & Crafts Village (pictured) downtown, which houses more art galleries, unique gift shops and restaurants.

We posted all of our Sedona (including more petroglyph pictures from V-Bar-V Heritage Site) ~ click here & enjoy!

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Garrison said...

We are heading for Sedona tomorrow and I found your very helpful blog. Your descriptions are wonderful.

Sounds like you all are doing the same thing we are doing. Check our blog www.good-byeagain.blogspot.com

We have just come from Florida so have descriptions of Texas and east.

Please link to us. We will link to your blog too! I look forward to reading as you continue your journey.

Bonnie and Bill

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