Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Ideas for When You Only Have One Day in The Grand Canyon, Arizona

What if You Only have One Day to Explore the Grand Canyon?
Here are a few nice itineraries if you have limited time in the Grand Canyon ~

Idea #1: Take a long, leisurely walk along the rim. We spent a nice afternoon meandering along the rim (click here for details of our walk along the rim), enjoying the views, as well as the exploring each thing that came our way. One suggestion would be to park your car (if you’re just driving to the canyon for the day) at either Market Plaza or the Shrine of Ages, and take the shuttle to either Mather Point, the Yavapai Observation Station, or Village East, get out and enjoy a westerly walk along the Rim Trail for as long as you like. The Rim Trail is fully paved, so accessibility for wheelchairs, etc.. should not be a problem. Once you’re done with your walk, you can take a shuttle back to your car.

Idea #2: If you’re not in the mood to walk, or the weather is not cooperating, park at one of the parking lots near Bright Angel Lodge, and grab the Hermits Rest Route shuttle getting gout at various stops along the way. This is where you can see the Colorado River, as well as some enormous, incredible, awe-inspiring views of the Grand Canyon.

Idea #3: Take a short hike into the canyon. Even if you go only ½ mile, to be below the rim is an incredible experience. Be sure you bring water, and keep track of time since it is easier to go down than up. Plan on the return taking twice as long as the descent. For ideas about hikes, click here.

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