Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Hotel Accommodation Options at the Grand Canyon, South Rim, Arizona

Grand Canyon (South Rim) Hotel Information

El Tovar Hotel ~ Located on the rim, this is an historic hotel. Prices range from $166 (standard double bed room) to $400+ for a suite.

Bright Angel Lodge & Cabins ~ This is more rustic and also centrally located at Canyon Village. Prices range from $86 (standard room) to $160+ for a cabin.

Thunderbird & Kachina Lodges ~ These are contemporary lodges on the canyon rim. Prices range from mid-$160’s (park-side) to $170+ for canyon-side.

Maswik Lodge ~ There are rustic accommodations or if you prefer, more contemporary accommodations, This is not located on the rim, but a short walk will get you to Canyon Village. Prices range from mid-$80’s to $170’s.

Yavapai Lodge ~ Located minutes from the rim between Yavapai Point and the El Tovar, among pine and juniper trees, it is a short walk to the rim. Prices range from $100-$150+.

**Note – these are 2009 rates, please check with Xanterra for updated prices.**

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