Thursday, March 12, 2009

Full Moon Walking in the Grand Canyon, Arizona

Is it safe to walk along the rim of the Grand Canyon at night? It is if there’s a full moon out lighting your way. We went on the Full Moon Walk and Star Talk with a NPS (National Park Service) Ranger, and about 200 other people.

As the moon rose over the Grand Canyon, we assembled at Mather Point and began our walk heading east towards Pipe Creek Vista. Along the walk, the Ranger shared how the Navajo people believe they came from the Grand Canyon and unless given special permission, do not enter the Grand Canyon on foot again, since that is where their spirit returns upon death. We also learned that the Hopi believe that the moon and the sun were made from rose quartz and were taken to the ski by two tribe elders who sacrificed their lives for their people.

As the walk continued, we looked into the (not so dark because of the full moon) sky and saw Orion’s Belt, Venus, Polaris (the North Star), the Big Dipper, and more. As the walk neared its end, we even saw a herd of elk grabbing a late dinner.

This was a great (albeit cold) walk, and if you have the chance to be in the South Rim of the Grand Canyon during the full moon, definitely grab your camera and take this walk!

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Jerry and Suzy said...

Fabulous! That would be a grand adventure. Thanks for sharing, and thanks for just getting out there and doing it!

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