Thursday, January 22, 2009

Quartzsite, Arizona ~ Day 4

East of the Big Tent and the Tyson Wells Swap meet, we explored a smaller market called Rice Ranch. This market contains vendors offering the typical flea market wares but also seems to have more RV supply vendors. There was one specific vendor that offers a very large selection of used and new parts - they had everything from ladders, light fixtures, electrical panels, plumbing items to chairs. This is the place to go for that RV part that you’ve been unable to find elsewhere. Also in this market are a couple of consignment shops that offer a wide range of items from cars, scooters to tools. This is where you might find that “gem” of an item and at a great price. And what’s a flea market market in Quartzsite without a few beading shops? Well, don’t worry - this market is no different. One in particular was a nice wholesale beading shop with a large selection.

And if you are feeling a little grimy from a day of shopping or from dry BLM camping, then across the street you will find the showers (they have a Laundromat too).

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