Thursday, January 15, 2009

Lutes Casino & Arizona Market Place, Yuma, Arizona

Lutes Casino – Old Downtown Yuma
Old downtown Yuma has very few open establishments and seems almost very deserted. However, once we opened the doors to Lutes Casino, we found everyone - it was wall-to-wall people, happily eating. Despite its name, this is not a casino but rather an old historic saloon with tons of memorabilia plastered all over the walls and ceiling. The lunch menu offers a large selection of typical bar sandwiches with healthy portions. Every time our waitress addressed us she referred to us as “my honeys” or “my babies”. This fit the ambiance and added to the character of this joint. Lute's also has a piano player (a human, not a self-playing piano) which also gives you that old west saloon feel. The food was good and the atmosphere was very different and unique. Definitely make this a stop if you are in Yuma, and don’t be surprised when you walk in and it’s packed. Oh, cash only is accepted here.

Arizona Market Place
This Arizona Market Place is a large, open air markets The over 600 vendors offer clothing, used books, antiques, jewelry, RV supplies, tools and much more . If you have been to one of these flea markets in this part of the country, then you will find nothing new at this one. What makes this one unique is that all the vendors are under long, permanent covers which provide shade for the entire market. This is a definite bonus. We didn’t witness any “swapping” going on, so I don’t understand why the locals refer to it as a swap meet. It’s probably buried in historic traditions. This market is open Thursdays through Sundays (9:00am-4:00pm) from October through April. The parking and entrance to the market is free.


Joy and Phil said...

Hmmm... we were at the Arizona Market yesterday ... odd we didn't run into each other, right? I guess there really isn't much chance of that ...

Now we have three places to eat that you have recommended. Since we're leaving next weekend we'll have to hurry.

We go to old town a lot. We have eaten many times at the Happy Greek Chef, prefer the movie theater over the big one at Yuma Palms and stop by the Farmer's market on Tuesday to check out the latest goodies but we have never eaten at Lutes Casino. Sounds like fun.
Safe Travels!
Joy and Phil

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed your bit on the Lutes Casino. It's been years since we last stopped in Old Yuma. Next trip we'll have to check it out.

Right now, it's back to work & reality until May when we can once again fire up The Popeye Express. We plan on traveling to Newfoundland this year!

Be safe & have fun!

Honey, Bob & Kitties

Jerry and Suzy said...

Lute's was one of the most enjoyable places we saw in Yuma, and we'd go back in a moment -- except that we'd rather go forward and find another new place. Maybe we'll follow Joy and Phil to the Happy Greek Chef!

Ann in Yuma said...

Certainly, don't miss Brownie's on Fourth Avenue for great diner food and hometown atmosphere.

Steve Embry, Sr. said...

THE place to eat in Yuma is Mr.G's! Chile Pepper is their 2nd restaurant. THIS is where all of the locals CRAVE and go to when they come back home! This is the place that those who have moved away take food back home from, as well as take orders to bring back to former Yumans. Rolled tacos & their signature sauce, and Machaca and/or Bean & Cheese Burritos are the coveted treasures that young and old alike crave the most! so nOW you're "in the know"! Second and third choices are El Charro & La Fonda! The piano player from Lutes' Casino (which is up there with the afore mentioned famous local restaurants) is Steve Embry - a local icon himself! He's an accomplished classical pianist as well, AND an artist! His work is on display at the Yuma Fine Arts across from Lutes'. His paintings are of the desert surroundings of Yuma.

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