Monday, January 12, 2009

Free Camping in Quartzsite, Arizona

The BLM (Bureau of Land Management) offers many free camping opportunities (they call this “dispersed camping”) in the Quartzsite area, but you have to come prepared – it’s all boondocking (for you non-RVers, that means no hook-ups – no electricity, water or sewer). There are five short-term (you can stay a total of 14 days in a 28 day period, then you must move to a second camp more than 25 miles away) camping areas in Quartzsite:

Dome Rock Road – this is along I-10, 6 miles west of Quartzsite. Take the Dome Rock exit, and the camping area is south of the Frontage Road. You can see this campground from the highway (which may also mean that you can hear highway noise as well).

Scaddan Wash – also along I-10, 3.5 miles east of Quartzsite. Take exit 19 off I-10 and take the Frontage Road to the camping area. As with Dome Rock Road, you may hear some highway noise.

Plomosa Road – located 5.5 miles north of Quartzsite on Hwy 95, there is a Plomosa Road turnoff on the right (going north). Camping is found on both sides of Plomosa Road.

Hi Jolly – also on Hwy 95, Hi Jolly is 3 miles north of Quartzsite at mile marker 112. Take a right at the entrance.

Road Runner – five miles south of Quartzsite on Hwy 95, the turn to Road Runner is just past (going south) the 99 mile marker. Road Runner is adjacent to La Posa, the BLM’s LTVA (long term visitor area).

What is LTVA BLM camping? The BLM also offer long-term camping on public lands, but it is not free (although inexpensive). For $140 you can stay on any BLM land for as long as you want for the entire season (7 months). La Posa is the long-term option in Quartzsite if you want to stay on BLM land, and although you are still boondocking, there is access to trash, a dump/sani-station, potable water, and restrooms. Other long-term BLM camping opportunities are (all in California): Hot Spring, Tamarisk, Pilot Knob, Mule Mountain, Midland, and Imperial.

Here are some handy direction to camping on BLM land:

  1. Drive to a spot you like, perhaps next to a pretty cactus.
  2. Stop. Done. You’re camping! Have fun!!

Want more camping information? Check out the camping information provided by the Quartzsite Chamber of Commerce.


Anonymous said...

Hi... Thanks for the great info..I am down from Reno visiting friends in Yuma and getting my teeth fixed in Mexico (See My Blogg for story on that) I will be heading through Quartzite soon and will make use of your info

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great info...I will be making use of those spots soon..I am down at Yuma from Reno seeing friends and getting dental work in Mex. (see my Blog for stories on that subject)

Anonymous said...

We just spent a few days at Dome Rock, no freeway noise at all.

Doodles said...

spending a few days at Plomosa Rd and we are virgins at this. Loved it and will certainly try it again.

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