Friday, January 30, 2009

Dining Adventures in Apache Junction, Arizona

We went to a lot of restaurants while spending the week in Apache Junction - most of which are chain restaurants, but nonetheless deserve mention.

Carrabba's Italian Grill ~ We had a nice dinner here with lots of garlic! This is a chain restaurant, but we had never gone to one before, until a few days ago. We enjoyed the food very much - the waitstaff was excellent and the food portions large and yummy! This is a large restaurant, which also has bar seating where you can watch the chefs in action. We would definitely go back to any Carrabba's Italian Grill again. (Italian is Suzanne's favorite. In fact, sounds good for tonight!) Oh, at this Carrabba's, on Wednesdays, they have $10 off any bottle of wine!

O'Sullivan's Sport's Bar ~ This was fun place, and not like many sports bars we've experienced where it was not smoky, crowded or loud,. There were televisions everywhere - every booth had their own TV! We went for Happy Hour - all appetizers at half-price and drinks (beer & wine) were $3 each (and nicely portioned). The appetizers were large-portioned and there were even some healthy ones available (i.e. a veggie plate). When we were there they had 30-cent chicken wings - another yum! This would be a great place to take in Sunday's Superbowl, Speaking of which, there is a definite excitement in the air here in Arizona as the Arizona Cardinals are getting ready to play in this year's Superbowl - should be fun to find a place at our next stop.

BJ's Restaurant & Brewhouse - We had a nice lunch here, with again, a great staff. (In fact, we have been very impressed with the service at all of the restaurants - must be something in the Apache Junction water............). They brew their own beer and the food was good. They call hamburgers "sliders" around here, and a nice lunch was a plate of their four small sliders - easily split between two people.

On the Border - This is a chain we also have in Oregon, but were in the mood for Mexican food and it was close. The margaritas were very good, as their salsa had a nice bite to it. We split fajitas and they were very good and not too oily. It was a good Mexican restaurant, but not as good as some of the "mom-and-pop" places we've found in our travels.

Hungry yet?

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Jerry and Suzy said...

Yes, we're hungry! We have been to an On the Border, but never the others you mentioned. Arizona is a good place to eat! When you get to the Benson area, try the Apple Farm on Ocotillo street. Nothing fancy, jusy good food, and if you can, get Renda as your server. She's a delight!

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