Saturday, January 31, 2009

Casa Grande RV Resort, Casa Grande, Arizona

We're spending a week at the Casa Grande RV Resort (also know as Desert Shadows) under RPI. The park is pretty typical of the desert RV parks we've stayed - open sites with gravel in which to park your rig. Each site is quite large and offers a large concrete pad to place your chairs, tables, and accompanying "garden" items. (We have Bernie - our Welcome Bear.) The park is large, over 300 sites, with a swimming pool, hot tub, and patio area, a large and well-stocked library, an equally large laundry room with more than a dozen washers and dyers, a large card room with about 6 round tables, a billiards room with four tables, a decent sized exercise room with some cardio equipment and weight machines (in okay shape). There are two dog-walking areas where you can take your four-legged friend off-leash to romp, and tons of activities, ranging from pot lucks to bingo to cards to crafts to travel talks. The one issue with Casa Grande RV Resort - the wifi. This is our fourth Western Horizons resort that we've stayed under RPI, and except for Tall Chief in Washington, they all had wifi issues. In fact, at this park you cannot use the wifi between 7:00am-5:30pm, as it is used only by the employees during that time. Overall this seems like a nice park in which to stay as we explore the surrounding area of Casa Grande.

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mrandmrs4732 said...

Hey Brad and Suzanne, remember the night we sat around chatting in your RV and we're discussing why men either held their hats or lift them when they laugh??? I went to a university in our area and did some research and according to Prof Phillip Marks of UC Merced, the fact is that during the Viking days like I said to you, when the Vikings were in pubs eating and telling stories and laughing they would take hold of the horns of their helmets and lift them when laughing so they wouldn't fall off into their platter.

He also told me that when the Viking men wanted company at the pub they would take their helmets by the horns and lay them on the table to indicate to the barmaids that they wished for female company. Hence the word "horny" originated.

And, one last fact, when they were in battle and reached for the helmet horns of their enemy they would lead them around until the enemy surrendered. The term "taking the bull by the horns" came about.

Well my nose is now growing out of proportion to my body and looks sorta weird. We had a great time being with you for the couple weeks around AZ. Wish you well and maybe we will cross again in some Viking pub.

Jim and Sharon Jacobs

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