Friday, September 5, 2008

Mission Creek Park, Lavender Farm, and Wineries, Kelowna, BC, Canada

Lots of stuff today, too!

Letterboxing at Mission Creek Regional Park in Kelowna – Today we began our touring and sighting by seeking out a Letterbox at Mission Creek Regional Park in Kelowna. As we’ve experienced with finding other letterboxes, it’s taken us to areas that we might not visit – this time we found out that the Kokanee salmon were spawning in the park’s creek. These guys spawn in September so were lucky to be here. We quickly found a calm pool in the creek and watched the salmon. The salmon that we saw had already changed to a reddish-orange color and had the hooked jaw. Kokanee are lake locked sockeye salmon that migrate up creeks and rivers that feed the Okanogan Lake to spawn. If you are in the area in September, definitely check this out.

Okanogan Lavender Herb Farm – We’ve enjoyed the lavender farms in the Sequim, Washington area, and were looking forward to this experience. Unfortunately, it wasn’t as we expected. There is a farm – grapes, with a couple rows of lavender from where there used to be apple trees. They charge $3.00 per person to tour their lavender farm, and $7.00 to pick a bunch of lavender (above the $3 you need to pay to get to the farm to pick it.) Needless to say, we left. Our recommendation - You’d be better to spend your time elsewhere.

Quail’s Gate
& Mission Hill Vineyards – We then moved to Quail’s Gate Vineyard to do some more wine tasting. This vineyard has very beautiful grounds and has great views of the Okanogan Lake from the west side. The person that help us with the tasting was very nice and helpful; you are able to taste 3 complimentary wines. Although we did not eat here, they had a seemingly lovely outdoor restaurant.

Just right down the road from Quail’s Gate is Mission Hill Winery. This is an old mission set on top of a peak overlooking the lake. The views and facility alone are worth a visit. Although they charge a fee for tasting (anywhere from $2-5), they do offer a complimentary wine tasting of a predetermined wine each week (i.e. Pinot Gris one week, Merlot another week, etc…) They also have a variety of tours of the facility, but they are not complimentary. As with many other wineries in the area, Mission Hill had a nice deck and restaurnt. The people here were very nice – friendly & most helpful. In sum, Quail’s Gate & Mission Hill would be two wineries to go to, if you’re basing your experience on the people, as well as the wine.

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