Saturday, August 16, 2008

Eiffel Lake hike, Lake Louise at Banff, Canada

We hiked to Eiffel Lake today, a trail that boasts of 10 peaks, in fact, those peaks are found on the back of some Canadian $20 bills. The trailhead is at Moraine Lake, where except for the short trail part-way up the lake, all trails are in grizzly country. Thus, there is a rule that you need to be hiked in a tight group of 4 or more people. If you are smaller than a group of 4 (like us), you can wait at the trailhead and join others. We joined a couple for the first leg who were very nice, and then at the split between Eiffel Lake & Larch Valley/Sentinal Pass, they went onto the latter hike, so we waited about 20 minutes & joined another group heading our direction to Eiffel Lake. The trail is quite steep in beginning with many switchbacks, all in trees but once at the point where the trail forks, it is open and flat. The people we hiked to Eiffel Lake went on, but we hung out for a while and started back on our own until another group came by, and one of their members joined us for the hike back to the trailhead.

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