Thursday, July 10, 2008

Bullhead Lake, Glacier National Park

The trailhead for Bullhead Lake is at the west-end of Swiftcurrent Lodge. One your way, be sure to take a very short side trip to Fishcap Lake, where moose are often seen. Continue past Redrock Lake and the very pretty Redrock Falls (at 1.8 miles one-way). You can stop here and head back to the lodge as a hike in itself, or continue onto Bullhead Lake, as we did. Once we stopped for lunch at Bullhead Lake (which was beautiful, as all glacier-fed lakes are), we continued and walked up the riverbed past a small lake covered in willows, and to the start of the switchbacks to Swiftcurrent Pass. At this point it is about 5 miles, making the trip 10 miles both ways. It was a pretty hike, fairly easy with little elevation gain – some great mountain views, some forest hiking, some open areas with meadows – quite a lot to enjoy in the course of one hike!

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