Monday, May 27, 2019

Yosemite National Park – Day 3: Vernal & Nevada Falls Hike

Vernal & Nevada Falls was the third hike that we really wanted to do as we did it three years ago and knew that the falls would be much bigger this time of year. As you can see, there was fresh snow from yesterday’s cold temperatures and valley-rain/higher-elevation snow.

As we started toward Vernal Fall (not a typo it’s “Fall,” not “Falls”), we saw a bear.  He was just munching some acorns pretty close to the trail and was tagged #97. We watched him for a bit....

...then continued on the Mist Trail....with over 600 steep steps (thank you hiking poles!)

...eventually getting some great views of Vernal Fall.

Here is a comparison:

May 2019
August 2016
Yup – quite the difference!

Here’s the comparison in the water over the precipice:
May 2019

August 2016

We continued working our way to Nevada Fall (again, not Falls)…..


Over a bridge.....

Through some woods......

to Nevada Fall which also looked different:

May 2019

August 2016

Now look closely at this photo – what is wrong?

A. We look cold.
B.  Damn – that’s a lot of clothing and rain gear! 
C. There is snow in the distance.
D. All of the above. 

Yup – answer is D! 😊

We hung out for a bit at the top of Nevada Fall

Hi Brad!!

Look closely - he's still there!

Snow! Brrrr!!

Then as we continued the loop - this time along the John Muir trail.....

....we had to literally walk through a small waterfall – there was no way around it. And trust us – it was WAY bigger than it looked and there was nowhere else to walk but though the deep puddles it created on the trail, so we got very wet. And cold! (It’s snow melt for goodness sake!)

See those smaller waterfalls on the right of Nevada Fall? That’s what we had to walk through.  

Yup - Bear #97 (about 3 ½ hours later) was still eating acorns as we finished our hike. 
(Remember, you only have to be faster than the slowest person in the bear-watching group.)

So we were glad we went to Yosemite, as we wanted to see the waterfalls in full flow, however it was a long trip (flight & car), damn cold and rainy, and somewhat expensive for only about 15 miles of hiking.

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