Sunday, October 28, 2018

New York City ~ Day 3

The only other “pre-planned” visit was to The Tenement Museum, which we acquired tickets to about a month ago – and good thing we did, as all of the tours were sold out for today. A quick note about The Tenement Museum, since many people may not have heard about it – the Tenement Museum tells the stories of immigrants who started their lives anew on Manhattan's Lower East Side between the 19th and 21st centuries.

So we went to the Under One Roof Tour and it was fantastic! We heard about three families: the Epstein’s – whose family survived the Holocaust, the Velez Family – who immigrated from Puerto Rico, and the Wongs – whose mother worked as a garmet worker at the time when the East Side was making 70% of women’s clothing being sold. (In fact, Mrs. Wong still lives in the area.)  All of the stories are factual, based on oral histories shared by the families.  Again – it was great! (Oh, another cool things is that Suzanne's great-grandfather & grandfather lived in the tenements on the Lower East Side. The other side of her family - her father's side. The great-grandmother who immigrated via Ellis Island was on her mother's side.)

And just up the street from The Tenement Museum is Katz’s Delicatessen – home of awesome pastrami sandwiches! 

Brad had already taken a bite of the matzoh ball before Suzanne could get a picture – 
and her phone was in her hand already!

Oh, of course we had to walk by the Hell’s Angels NYC headquarters. 
(Wonder how often they eat at Katz’s?)

According to the weather, this would be the last of the warm-ish days, so we took the subway (where we saw our one and only rat of the NYC subway system) to Central Park and meandered – checking out The Dakota, StrawberryFields, and the lakes.

 Just another cool building!

Dinner that night was at a place called Just Salad – we needed some veggies at this point.  However, these would be the last vegetables we would eat in NYC! 

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