Saturday, August 25, 2018

Olympic National Park Backpack Trip - Day 4

Our last day was  short 5-mile hike, with maybe  1000 ft elevation drop. We packed up everything and hit the trail at 8:30 in the morning, knowing we had a long day of driving to get home. 

This was the Sol Duc River Trail and we basically followed the river to the Sol Duc Falls where the last 0.8 miles was the same from the start.

We got to our car in about 3-hours, put on clean clothes, got some lunch, and made our way home.

So it was a good trip with lots of hiking challenges.  It was a bummer that the skies were so smoky, and we didn’t get the views we had hoped.  We were also surprised not to see any bears in this area, as many trip reporters have sited bears in the past, and a couple groups we passed on the trail did see a couple bears. But we had great weather, no rain, and just a few mosquito bites.  

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