Monday, September 16, 2013

Yellowstone National Park – Day 2

As mentioned yesterday, we kept getting late starts, so we had more exploring to do in the West Yellowstone to Old Faithful area, so we headed back to the same area again today. 

As with Day 1, we saw some of the famous Yellowstone bison……….

We then stopped at the Biscuit Basin area to enjoy some of the wonderful geological features…….

There seems to have been a fumerole started in the parking lot, so apparently the NationalPark Service decided to simply fence it off and place a metal plate with holes over it and call it good. :-)

As we headed to the Old Faithful area, we did see a couple bull bison sparring a bit – mating season is approaching……time to show who’s worthy.

The Old Faithful area (we are finding with much of the park) has many easily accessible walks, via either boardwalks or concrete, that takes one to many beautiful features. So in the pouring rain, we took the walks around the Old Faithful area and enjoyed the many beautiful hydrothermal features………


Passing a napping big bison

And even seeing Old Faithful gushing from a completely different perspective!


As with yesterday’s bald eagle, our last wildlife spotting for the day was a female elk chewing her cud alongside the river.

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