Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Waterfalls of the Pictured Rocks National Seashore, Munising, Michigan

Seems as if the Upper Peninsula is host to all but one of the many waterfalls in the State of Michigan, so off we were to find a few today. First stop was Wagner Falls – a short path/boardwalk to the waterfall, maybe a ¼ mile round-trip walk, if that. 

Then we saw Alger Falls – just roadside, so it was the quick, take-the-picture-while-waiting-at-the-stop-sign photo opportunity. 

The well-known Munising Falls was our next stop – this walk “V-ed” into two separate views of the falls, totally maybe ½ mile total.


It was then a bit of a drive down H58 to Miner’s Castle Road to Miner’s Falls ~ these were our favorites.  By this time, it was pouring, but hey, we’re Oregonians and we don’t melt! It was also thundering, however, and Zoey does not enjoy thunder, but it was go with us, get wet and suffer thunder, or stay in the car and suffer the thunder alone – she joined us. It was about a 1.2 mile round trip, with a couple look-outs and some great views.


Down the same road were views of the Painted Rocks – the same as we saw the day before, but from a difference perspective, so that was neat.

We continued down H58 to Chapel Road – a five mile gravel road that took some beating with the downpours if the day. (Yes, we definitely needed a good rain – or carwash – after trekking down this road.) We took the 2.8 mile round trip hike to Chapel Falls, which was a lovely walk among the trees to some beautiful falls.
There’s a lot more to do along H58 – a few more falls, a log slide, some beaches and the town of Grand Marais. However, it was late in the day and time to head back to the rig. All-in-all a dang fun (and wet) day!
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