Saturday, August 10, 2013

Kayaking Saco Bay, Portland, Maine


Remember when we stayed in Portland, Maine? If you recall, we didn’t post much – that’s because we hit some major rain while, there, as well as both getting colds, so we laid-low while there for the most part.  We did, however, go kayaking one day (via a Groupon, so only $29 per person) and it took a while to get the photos developed since we used one of those waterproof disposable cameras.

As we said, we used a Groupon issued by Lincoln Kayak & Canoe, so for $29 each person, we were supplied with a kayak, paddle, and two guides.  We had a day of nice weather (after two days of downpours) and the guides were both very nice.  Out only issue, however, was that all they did was guide – there was no narration or anything about the area, things we were seeing, etc…   That would have been nice.  Given what we did, heck, could have put in our inflatable canoe and done the same thing and saved $58. But it was still a good time and we did see a bald eagle and her child in their nest, so that was cool.

On a side note ~ as we said, we had to get the waterproof camera film processed and we couldn’t find a place that did same day processing until we arrived here in Ellsworth, Maine. So into Walgreens we went – who knew that Walgreens, along with flu shots and toilet paper, also sold lobster! Only in Maine! :-)
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