Friday, August 23, 2013

Elks Lodge #41, Lockport, New York

Well, nine hours and 400 miles later, we’ve made it to outside Niagara Falls. This Elks Lodge is one of the nicest we’ve stayed – four cement pad, level sites with electric and water (although the water is from one spigot and shared). We’re the only people here, so it’s darn quiet. There’s a large grassy field behind us (for soccer games, we suppose). The folks inside are quiet nice and it’s only $10/night, which is refreshing after spending so much on camping these last few months. 

So as we were traveling here westbound along I-90 in New York and noticed at some point that the rest area eastbound was packed and people were standing along the highway – lots of people. Hmmmmmm………well, after a quick google search, it seems as if President Obama was speaking in Buffalo and then traveling to Syracuse. So as we continued driving, we waited with camera at the ready to see the motorcade on the other side of the median. And waited……and waited…..

Eventually there was absolutely no traffic coming – the entire road and every exit/entry ramp was closed. Then the helicopter came through……right along the highway.  This went on for about 20-30 minutes, and then…..nothing! Damn! We never saw the guy, the cars, nothing!

All we saw was the incredibly long line-up of cars that had to stop and wait along the highway – those poor people – backed up for miles. Seriously – they were completely stopped – RV slides were out, dogs were bring walked, chairs were out and people were picnicking.
It was quite interesting that they never closed the westbound traffic – the median was not that large and there are some very motivated people in this world to do some crazy things. (Not us, NSA, not us.)
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