Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Driving the Upper Peninsula, Michigan

The reason we are staying in St. Ignace is to visit the famed Mackinac Island. However, when we woke up, it was thundering, lightening, and pouring (as it had been since around 2am, and we knew the time since that’s when Zoey started panting and trembling in our bed).  A look at the weather forecast was that this would continue most of the day. Okay, so onto Plan B – drive around and see the U.P.

We headed along Route 2 west, a “dotted” road on the State of Michigan map, meaning a scenic road. Yup, there were a few views on Lake Michigan, but really, not much, especially in comparison to the plethora of mosquitos! We eventually found ourselves at the Seney National Wildlife Refuge - home to numerous waterfowl. We took the seven mile drive (it was free) and saw a few interesting things, but nothing spectacular.  By this time, the skies were a beautiful blue, clear and open – what happened to the rain? The storms? The reason we did not go bike the perimeter of Mackinac Island? Get some Mackinac Fudge?? Grrrr!!!!!

It was too late (for us) to head over to the island by the time we got back to St. Ignace, so Mack Island will have to wait for another time. Lesson learned – never believe the weather forecast. :-)

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