Thursday, August 22, 2013

Burlington, Vermont

We thought we’d stroll around Burlington on Lake Champlain and enjoy the area, well, we were disappointed. There isn’t much in Burlington – it’s really just a college town (University of Vermont). We had an okay lunch with terrible service at Leunig’s Bistro followed by a disappointing tasting of cheeses and meats at Dakin Farm – disappointing not due to the food quality, but the lack of professional & friendly staff. Seriously people, if you don’t want to work in the hospitality industry and put a smile on your face, go home & telecommute. 

The most interesting thing about Burlington that we observed was the many large facial tattoos. Now we had no issues with tattoos, in fact, one of us is inked, but large facial tattoos, just not our thing. Just don’t know how these people are going to get jobs, except in a tattoo parlor. Perhaps we’re just getting old, ya know, the younger generation….blah, blah, blah and all that. 

Oh well, not every day can be wonderful. But we really like Vermont – it is beautiful, peaceful and has lots that we like – trees, hills, ice cream, cheese & maple syrup! :-)
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