Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Boating in Somes Sound, Maine

We’ve always enjoyed renting power boats when in areas with cool things to see from the water, so of course, we knew we would do the same here in Maine with its beautiful coastline. Not an inexpensive venture, for sure, but at least this time we were able to enjoy with our friends and split the cost. :-)  This is the same sound that we could see from our hike the day before (link), so that was very cool. Since Jana & Rick have no boating experience, we were the captains, with Suzanne starting at the helm for the first couple hours.

Our first destination as a cool lighthouse on an island~ 

And we just tooled around enjoying the sights of the land and the sea~

A couple hours into our adventure, we saw a dock and porta-potty, the perfect combination at that particular moment, so we went ashore to use the facilities and take a few photos~ 
This was a cool tent site right on the water~

That’s Rick & Jana with us ~ Suzanne definitely needs to stand on something next time we all take a photo together!

Then it was back to the sea with Brad as captain~

Where we saw a Coast Guard boat (which was very cool after having visited the Coast Guard Station – in fact, this was the type of boat that we toured)

And this is a bell buoy – the same type that the nearby Coast Guard Station services aboard its cutter that we also toured.

By this time the wind was picking-up and the sailboats hit the water – all quite beautiful
Four hours later we returned the boat and chalked-up another awesome experience in Maine!
Easy and affordable - no matter where you are! 

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