Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Ben & Jerry’s – done. Maple Syrup – done. Now….more eating in Vermont!!

It seems as if this area of Vermont has a ton of foods/companies we like – we enjoyed Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, enjoyed our tours and education about Vermont maple syrup, and hungry again, continued eating our way through Vermont!

Our first stop – Green Mountain Coffee. This was just okay as far as free eats goes (a bit of free coffee), but we enjoyed actually learning about the harvesting and roasting of coffee beans.

Then it was off to the Cold Hollow Cider Mill where we heard they have great apple cider doughnuts, so we tried one for 50-cents. Just okay, but we did enjoy a wonderful sandwich on their patio.

The Cider Mill put us in the area to try even more food – cheese at the Cabot Annex (we also went to their flagship store in Cabot – if you need to choose between the two and want more options of free tastings, choose the annex store in Waterbury Center)

and chocolates at Lake Champlain chocolates.
At this point Brad was finally full (20-25 cheese samples on top of a sandwich, doughnut, coffee, maple creamee, etc… will do that to a person) so we headed/rolled home and waited to get hungry again! :-)

Easy and affordable - no matter where you are! 

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