Sunday, July 14, 2013

Submarines and Pasta, Groton, CT

We learned that one of the attractions in this area is the Submarine Force Museum and Library which includes touring the USS Nautilus (SSN-571) (the Navy’s first nuclear powered submarine). The museum and tour are free so…hey, why not check it out, so we did. The Submarine Force Museum and Library is located just outside the Groton Submarine Base (the first and main submarine base for the Navy).

The museum and library has many exhibits that provide the history of submarines, the specialized equipment needed, and memorials for those key individuals that serviced on a sub. This museum didn’t answer all our questions so we found ourselves asking the submarine seamen that were throughout the building. Some were more interested in helping us than others.


Touring the USS Nautilus was the highlight though. The tour is a 30 minute self-guided audio tour that takes you through about half of the submarine. You see the torpedo room, living quarters, communication and navigation bays and the galley. You really get a sense for the life on a sub and the very tight spaces that’s for sure.


How many people sleep in this tiny space?

Why is Brad blocking the railroad track into the Submarine base?

After the submarine museum, we decided to drive along Groton’s bay. We passed some shops and Suzanne noticed a restaurant that makes their own pasta. Having worked up an appetite expanding our submarine knowledge, we stopped. The place is called Paul’s Pasta Shop and they make fresh pasta right in the shop front window. The food was excellent, the portions generous, prices were very reasonable and their deck seating offers great views of the harbor and downtown New London. It was so good that we went to eat there twice. They also make amazing Italian deserts including cannolies, however we passed on getting one the first day we visited and they did not have them the next day. Lesson learned - always eat cannolies when you see them!

Easy and affordable - no matter where you are! 

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