Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Freeport, Maine & Portland, Maine

We went to Freeport, Maine to check out the popular area, including the famous LL Bean Flagship Store. Hmmmm……..well……..okay then. It really wasn’t much – just a lot of chain retails stores similar to those found at Outlet Malls (Bass, Polo, Yankee Candle…..). LL Bean…….hmmmm…..well……okay……yeah, a nice store and all, but no different than an REI or EMS. We did enjoy a nice lunch at Petrillo’s, but, well, yeah, okay then ~ there’s a recap of Freeport, Maine. 

We then decided to drive around the Portland Waterfront and Downtown Portland……not to be repetitive, but well…..yeah…..not much. Sure, a few coffee stores and restaurants, but nothing to write home (or blog) about. We didn’t even get out of the truck, in fact. We decided that we enjoy our Portland (Oregon) much more than this Portland (Maine). 

To sum-up the day ~ Brad’s highlight is a toss-up between lunch and him getting the oil changed on the truck. :-)

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