Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Patten Pond Camping Resort & Ruth and Wimpy's Restaurant, Ellsworth, Maine


We are very excited to be here at Patten Pond in Ellsworth, Maine – we are visiting our friends Jana & Rick who are working here for the summer. The campground is nice – rustic (think: state park) with few amenities (but since we’re spending time with them, the lack of amenities are of no consequence). We have a full hook-up site with cable in what’s called the “upper part” of the campground, so it’s nice and open. 
Once we got settled, we all went out to a restaurant that serves “Maine food” – yup, lobster. It was a quaint place called Ruth & Wimpy’s – and after much pressure, land-locked growing-up Brad got a whole lobster (next we’ll all be jumping off a bridge together…..get it…….as your mom used to say, if all your friends jumped off a bridge, would you follow? Well in this case, for Brad, yes.)  

The food was great – Suzanne enjoyed her not-so-low-calories crab & alfredo pasta (which, after Brad ate his lobster and was still hungry, he finished).

Here's where they cook the lobsters.........
Yup - ticky tacky tourist pic! 
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