Friday, April 12, 2013

Last Day Workamping at Sun-n-Fun RV Resort!!

Yes, that is correct – today is our last day working as Sales Advisors at Sun-n-Fun RV Resort in Sarasota, Florida and we’ll hit the road again sometime next week and begin traveling (and blogging) again. Yippee!

Some thoughts as we reflect on the last five months………
  • When we looked at workamping for the winter of 2012-2013, we wanted southern Florida - in part for the weather and in part to visit with both sets of our parents.
  • We were offered two jobs within days of one another (this happened last May) – the one here at Sun-n-Fun (work 40-hours a week in a ‘regular’ job for minimal pay) and one in Everglades National Park (work 32-hours a week in a really cool kayak-most-days type of job, in exchange for a free site). We chose Sun-n-Fun as we thought two things: after spending five months in a small town in South Dakota last summer, we weren’t ready to do the same for another five months (the Everglades National Park job was based in Everglades City) and since we agreed that after two five-month workamping jobs we would not work the summer of 2013, we wanted to make the most money in the time we would be here, and Sun-n-Fun would offer us more potential RV blind restringing jobs as well as a paycheck.
  • Well, we must have been putting out good karma, because good karma came back to us. We were offered different jobs once we arrived here, ones that paid a wage and commission - we did well at these jobs and made more money than we originally anticipated. We also were incredible busy with RV blind restringing jobs – we worked consistently on our days off and restrung a plethora of RV blinds.
  • In sum, we made the right decision. Yes, our constant working limited our free time to do things in Sarasota, but in reality, there is little here at interests us.

So we’ll take our time getting back on the road over the next few days – the carpets need to be cleaned, Zoey needs a bath, things need to be organized, etc…. Then we start by heading south to the Florida Keys and will leave Florida via the east coast. We are trying not to plan too much and are looking forward to seeing where we end-up over the next several months and spending some of this money! :-)
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John and Carol said...

Congratulations! You have worked very hard and accomplished your goals brilliantly. Now you can enjoy the summer to the fullest. Looking forward to reading about all your new adventures.

jcw3rd said...

Just be sure to leave enough time to explore and enjoy St Augustine. We've been there twice, but this time we stayed at the Elks Lodge. Great place to stay. Perfectly situated and a very active lodge. Hope you are Elks!

-- jc&bev

jcw3rd said...

Oh, and how could I forget, as long as you are headed south to the Keys, be sure to set aside some time to visit Big Cypress National Preserve. We stayed 10 days at the Midway Campground and had a ball. Go to their website,, and check out their ranger-guided canoe trips. We spent 5+ hours out on the water with a dozen other canoes (all supplied by the park) on a wonderful time. Two rangers (one in front and one in back) guided our troop through the mangroves while pointing out wildlife and plantlife. It was one of our most memorable activities this winter in Florida.

Also from Midway it's only about an hour's drive down to Everglade City. We enjoyed exploring that little town and having a great lunch at City Seafood, .

-- jc&bev

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