Saturday, November 3, 2012

Rustic Sands Resort Campground, Mexico Beach, Florida

We changed our plans a few days ago when we decided to spend a bit more time at Fort Pickens at Gulf Island National Seashore, so while looking for our next camping spot, we happened upon this campground, and are glad we did.

Rustic Sands Resort Campground is about ½ mile from Mexico Beach, a small sleepy town with a nice, white sand beach. The campground is fairly large with some huge sites ~ in fact, we’re in a 110’-foot site! The campground is very woodsy, with very tall trees. There are a few amenities – a nice laundry room, gathering room where games are played, small pool-side grill, etc….  The nicest thing about the park are the employees – we played a silly card game last night (Pass the Trash) with the owners and had a great time.They also had some live music last night, which was fun, as we listened around the campfire.
Although Mexico Beach isn’t a destination (for us), this campground is a lovely place to hang-out for a few days.
Easy and affordable - no matter where you are! 

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